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KLTC Flexi-mesh Green Wall Facade

KLTC Flexi-mesh Green Wall Facade

KLTC's latest upgrade includes a fresh new multi deck carpark for their members, most of which has been wrapped with the incredibly versatile Flexi-mesh!

Spanning from the top of level 1 to the curb at ground level, this stainless steel green wall is the ideal solution for training climbing plants and subtly separating the cars from the courts. You'll notice the handful of openings throughout the mesh - these were carefully incorporated to allow the greenskeepers access through the several gates around the perimeter of the courts.

Arcus Wire Group's latest Stand-off range worked perfectly in conjunction with their hamma X wire and hamma Industrial swage fittings, providing for a neat, clean finish.

We're looking forward to seeing this in the coming years and watching this green wall evolve.


Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, Kooyong, VIC



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