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Residential Walk-On Net, Hampton

Residential Walk-On Net, Hampton

Bespoke were engaged to complete the design, engineering analysis, fabrication, installation and certification of the secondary supporting steel structure and net.

The client had already completed the building structure and had commenced with plastering, when Bespoke were contacted to explore the option of a walk-on net.

Once engaged, Bespoke’s engineering team reviewed the existing structure and determined that additional steelwork would be required to facilitate the loads applied by the net.

Bespoke fabricated and installed all of the additional structure required to satisfy the engineer. At this point the client completed the plastering and painting, including painting the exposed steelwork Bespoke had installed.

Then Bespoke returned to install the white polypropylene net.


Crisp Street, Hampton VIC


June 2021


Teknik Construction

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